Late for the Train

Package Design Refresh: Pulling out what a true entrepreneurial client has in their heads and interpreting that to visuals can be a challenge. Although it was tricky, we had a lot of fun, and loved the process and collaboration to get this just right, expressing a system that speaks to the nuances of coffee types Late for the Train offers, without being overly fussy or complex. Check out the tasty matrix at

Logo Refresh: Through the years we have worked with Dave Dobrick to help refine his vision for his business and his logo as his cafés have evolved. Here is another tweak…a little fresher, cleaner and leaner with emphasis on his original caboose drawing.

New Website: We wanted the new site to make you want to run out and get a cup! Rich and earthy tones underpin exquisitely crafted photography with a “Rembrandt” feeling by Dawn Kish Photo + Film, indicative of the lighting and feeling in the historic cafe.

Julie Sullivan: Art Director/Designer
Lara Gomora: Designer, Web Developer
Dawn Kish: Photography

Project Tasks

  • Packaging Redesign
  • Logo Redesign & Branding Update
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Redesign & Update Online Store