Grand Canyon National Park Centennial Celebration Publication

Although we have done many projects for other prestigious clients, this one takes the (birthday) cake for us! Not only was it a blast to get to go to Grand Canyon National Park for client visits, it was also a big old condor feather in our caps to be chosen to create this piece. Celebrating one of the seven Wonders of the Natural world, a designated World Heritage site, and frankly, one of the most amazing places anywhere that happens to be 75 miles away from us, was truly one of the best projects we have ever been involved with. Many thanks to writer Roger Naylor, and our editor Jo Lombard, and the many other artists and photographers who contributed to making this a world-class publication. Happy Birthday Grand Canyon!

Julie Sullivan: Art Director/Designer
Lara Gomora: Design, Illustration
Brian Hoddy: Illustration
Claire Baldwin: Illustration

Project Tasks

  • Art Direction & Project Management
  • Photo Research
  • Custom Illustration
  • Custom Iconography
  • Publication Design
  • Custom Maps
  • Content Development
  • Copy Editing
  • All production