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PEAK Learning

For over 25 years we have partnered with Peak to create outstanding motivational materials and assessments tools designed to shake up and change business cultures and empower a generation of modern thought leaders. For our third re-brand, we designed a new, updated and re-branded all of the printed materials, and completely overhauled the website to reflect a more contemporary look and feel. As always, Peak inspires us to push against boundaries, and challenges us to bring our best game ever to the table, to create edgy and powerful work, and improve ourselves along the way both professionally and personally.

Thanks Peak!

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Oak Creek Brewing Co.

In another 20 plus year relationship, we collaborated with the ever-so witty Brewmeister who missed his calling as an ad exec, Fred Kraus. Packaging up a tasty line of Sedona originals, Fred was on the forefront of the microbrewery rage, winning many awards, and weathering the storm with a beloved line of brews. Great taste and strong, consistent branding and packaging has captured a loyal fan base of happy, hoppy beer drinkers.

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Lumberyard Brewing Co.

We continue to miss Dick and Jean Wilson, Flagstaff visionaries and philanthropists who started BSB with daughter and son-in-law Winne & the late Evan Hanseth. This was a wonderful collaboration developing logos, signage, and packaging for Flagstaff’s first microbrewery.

Lumberyard Brewing Co. was the second hoppy brainchild of Winnie and Evan and we were called back to develop their branding. We got to do our first can, and understand its joys and limitations when it came to production. Still, we were pleased with the outcome and like Oak Creek Brewing Co. beers, we love seeing this local product on the shelves now in our regional groceries and outlets.

Drink more local brews. It’s good for our business.

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This project included an extensive process for coming up with a new name and logo, followed by developing the branding system for the line, then the design and production of the actual product line of sulphate-free hair care products. In addition to the design, we also continue to write all the copy for the packages, adding more products to the line as our client grows. There are many challenges with packaging including lots of rules and regulations around production—we consider ourselves well-versed in this process and have gained more expertise in packaging based on this experience.

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Wandering The West

Wandering the West is a new skin care line (created by DeAnn Tracy of Peak Scents) that includes items for adventurous men and spirited women! Big bad beard oil, hydrating face mist, all purpose balm and more, these products are available at many stores including Winter Sun in downtown Flagstaff, AZ.

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