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Full Circle Trade & Thrift

When the Packards approached us to help them with branding their new thrift store, they knew they wanted to help the community, but not exactly how to make it all work. We collaborated with them to come up with the name, branding and a highly effective business model for creating the most benefit.

In just a little over 2 years, Full Circle has given away an average of $15,000 a month to select local nonprofits. Additionally, we worked with them to brand another program, Cash for Local Change, which encourages consumers to use cash at select businesses who in turn donate 1% of those cash sales back to the Full Circle nonprofits for additional revenue needs.

We are thrilled to be a part of this organization, and see them grow and support many nonprofits in need.

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Mountain Line Transit

We joke that this was our biggest project ever. At over 30 feet long, I guess it is. In addition to leading our clients through an intensive naming process, we developed all the imagery for signage and the buses themselves. The original bus wraps were more decorative invoking natural themes—aspens, sunlight, Native American rain clouds. Since moving to all bio-diesel (yeah!) the new buses sport only the big powerful lion graphic from the logo.

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Roots and Boots Music Camp

Roots and Boots Music Camp, created by Julie Sullivan Brace of Shine, is a 4 day music immersion camp for serious adult music lovers and learners. The camp was conceived of and curated by Julie to help students focus on acoustic folk, bluegrass, old time, and blues instruction. The camp offers different levels of instruction in singing and instrument development including fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin.

Year one was a smashing success and included renowned instructors: John Reischman, KC Groves, Peter McLaughlin, Chris Brashear, Matt & Rebekah Rolland, and Avram Siegel.

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Pickin’ in the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival

In 2016, JSD/Shine celebrated a decade of the Happy Union of Design & Music. Shine’s Julie Sullivan Brace, is co-founder and curator of this 4 day event heralded as one of the best acoustic music festivals in the Southwest. Julie created 11 years of artwork for merchandise and other advertising and promotioanl material.

Music is a huge influence and inspiration to all of us at Shine. Music transcends language, borders, and philosophies—and makes color take form in our ears and minds.

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Dugald Bremner Estate

This personal project was developed to honor a life ended-too-soon. Dugald Bremner was a renowned photographer, author, boatman, daredevil, acrobat, musician, jokester, and beloved friend to all he touched. He is still missed to this day.

As a memorial, Julie Sullivan Brace designed a gift box for family and friends that housed a set of cards and a journal featuring the images of this celebrated friend. Mr. Bremner loved to collect mail and other correspondences that had various misspellings of his name: Doodle Breemer was the most memorable. You still live on in our hearts, Doodle.

Special thanks to Kate Thomas, Ann Walka for poetry, and Randy Peck of Ironwood Litho.

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