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Late for the Train

Package Design Refresh: Pulling out what a true entrepreneurial client has in their heads and interpreting that to visuals can be a challenge. Although it was tricky, we had a lot of fun, and loved the process and collaboration to get this just right, expressing a system that speaks to the nuances of coffee types Late for the Train offers, without being overly fussy or complex. Check out the tasty matrix at

Logo Refresh: Through the years we have worked with Dave Dobrick to help refine his vision for his business and his logo as his cafés have evolved. Here is another tweak…a little fresher, cleaner and leaner with emphasis on his original caboose drawing.

New Website: We wanted the new site to make you want to run out and get a cup! Rich and earthy tones underpin exquisitely crafted photography with a “Rembrandt” feeling by Dawn Kish Photo + Film, indicative of the lighting and feeling in the historic cafe.

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Canyon Explorations/Expeditions

Logo Refresh: After many iterations, with a directive to keep some important existing elements, we created this more contemporary yet still organic feeling logo for one of the oldest river companies in Grand Canyon: Canyon Explorations.

New Website: 15 days on the Colorado River for inspiration resulted in an amazing adventure, new friendships, and an awesome new website designed to capture the excitement, romance, and exquisite beauty of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Thank you Laurie Lee & Cam Stavely for trusting us with this project and inspiring us to serve you and the River.

Photography Team: As the Photo Team for CanX, Dawn Kish (photographer), Brad Dimock (legendary boatman and boat builder), and the Shine Gals (Julie & Lara)—we will be forever grateful for this epic and memorable journey 277 miles down the Colorado River. Dawn’s photos are inspired and brilliant reminders of it all, and riding those waves piloted by Brad in the historic “Cataract” wooden dory (an original from Martin Litton’s fleet), was a crazy, epic ride and a staggering honor.

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La Posada Hotel

La Posada Hotel is located in Winslow, AZ and embodies the visions of both Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, the hotel’s renowned architect, and Allan Affeldt, its current owner. But the story really begins with Fred Harvey, who “civilized the west” by introducing linen, silverware, china, crystal, and impeccable service to railroad travel.

The new website offers a welcome update with a more efficient booking tool and a look that features its many lovely and eccentric assets, including individually customized rooms, intimate gathering spaces and galleries.

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The Literacy Center

The Literacy Volunteers provide literacy services to adults, teens, children, and families. They help people from all over the world learn English and also help native English speakers improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This was a great project for us as we got to stretch out and use bright and easy to understand, snappy icons association with photos to communicate visually—bridging language barriers. Additionally, this site can be translated into many different languages.

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Mountain Thyme Hollow

Mountain Thyme Hollow is a small, sustainable “farmette”, and home to Chef Mike “Flip” Difillipatano and partner Patricia Wiley, an herbalist by trade. Together they have combined their skills to grow organic veggies and herbs for culinary and medicinal use. A restful, rural setting with fantastic views of the San Francisco Peaks, it is ideal for farm to table dinners, small events, concerts under the stars, and workshops on canning, raising ducks and chickens, cooking and more!

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Castanéda Hotel

The Hotel Castanéda is a historic Fred Harvey Hotel located in Las Vegas, NM. The hotel opened in 1898, closed in 1948, and was recently purchased by the owners of La Posada Hotel in Winslow, AZ and the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM.
Shine Creative Industries recently launched The Hotel Castaneda website as part of a trio of historic hotel sites that we designed and produced.

We worked closely with Allan Affeldt, entrepreneur, architect and owner of the hotels to develop the sites for these fascinating properties. The three sites were co-branded with a similar format to remain true to the over-arching brand, yet specifically designed with individual elements to highlight each hotel’s unique style.

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Plaza Hotel

In an instant you’ll know why the historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, was called “The Belle of the Southwest” when it was built in 1882. We recently launched a fresh new website, highlighting all the hotel has to offer in its renovated Victorian splendor, and the many things to do around Las Vegas, NM. Part of a trio of sister hotel sites we are designing—including La Posada Hotel, Gardens & Museum—each site conveys unique branding elements that reflect the architecture, interiors, and amenities of the individual offerings. Visit to see the newly designed La Posada website, and read more about that project here.

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Stand In Your Strength

A favorite client and strategic partner Jenean Merkel Perelstein of Alchemie Academy requested our services in helping her build a sub-brand for her newest program: Stand In Your Strength Strategies. A new graphic system, and website all came together for this innovative six month program.

The website and program took on a nautical theme to illustrate the concepts behind the program’s six modules: navigating change and creating strategies for success even in the roughest of waters. We also designed her new book cover which is titled after one of the modules in her course: Finding your Lighthouse, A Leadership Guide to Navigating Change.

Through our business alliance with Jenean called Shine Creative Collaborative, we are distinctive in that we offer combined services in branding, strategic business development, and visioning to our clients looking to push their business to their highest potential.

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Colorado Plateau Foundation

The Colorado Plateau Foundation connects the philanthropic community to on-the-ground initiatives by growing a sustainable supply of resources and giving grants that enhance the work of Native-led organizations on the Plateau. We recently launched a new website to explain the ins and outs to funders and grantees, plus new printed materials to help get their message across quickly to their giving audience.

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Roots and Boots Music Camp

Roots and Boots Music Camp, created by Julie Sullivan Brace of Shine, is a 4 day music immersion camp for serious adult music lovers and learners. The camp was conceived of and curated by Julie to help students focus on acoustic folk, bluegrass, old time, and blues instruction. The camp offers different levels of instruction in singing and instrument development including fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin.

Year one was a smashing success and included renowned instructors: John Reischman, KC Groves, Peter McLaughlin, Chris Brashear, Matt & Rebekah Rolland, and Avram Siegel.

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